A Virtual Assistant for a Techy Mom

My children gave me the Amazon Echo Dot as a holiday gift – a present for a “techy mom”, they said. They know me well. It’s the most futuristic gift I’ve received and I’m

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

loving it. Talking to Alexa, and Alexa talking to me in my home as a virtual assistant is just a glimpse into the advancements of smart technology. Just recently, while packing for a business trip, I asked “What’s the weather for the next few days in ….” and proceeded to list out the cities. I then told Alexa to wake me up at 4am to l

eave for an early flight, and right on cue, she did. I can tell it to play music, tell me the news, order with my Amazon prime account. There are a growing number of “skills apps” that can be synced with the Echo that make it even smarter. As an example, I told Alexa to make sure my car was locked and because there is a skills app for my car, she did and told me how much gas I have in the car! The more I use it the “smarter” it gets about my preferences.

The smart speaker is also wired to work with smart home gadgets becoming more prevalent in

homes. I’m looking to purchase some smart devices like a coffee machine and thermostat, so I can prompt it to make my coffee, or set the thermostat at a certain temperature.  Think how we’ll be using this kind of technology in our businesses and workplaces very soon – it won’t be just smart home tech but smart office technology. These kinds of advancements are part of the rapid technological development called the Internet of Things, or IofT. The Internet, and speed of Internet is key which is why providers like Frontier Communications are advancing the use of smart technology and investing in the infrastructure to help make our lives more convenient,

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This post is sponsored. Frontier Communications is a partner and I have been compensated as an influencer.

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