Life Lessons from Oscar-Nominated Films

Frontier Movie VOD

The film award season has just ended with the Oscars, and I’m reminded of some of the memorable and moving films of 2016. A few were filled with some meaningful messages for me. Here are the lessons I’ve learned from three of them. “Hidden Figures” This is one of my favorite movies of the year, […]

A Virtual Assistant for a Techy Mom

My children gave me the Amazon Echo Dot as a holiday gift – a present for a “techy mom”, they said. They know me well. It’s the most futuristic gift I’ve received and I’m loving it. Talking to Alexa, and Alexa talking to me in my home as a virtual assistant is just a glimpse […]

How to Decide What Types of Content to Create for Content Marketing

Content for Content Marketing

When planning a content marketing strategy, it’s important to consider the various stages of a buying cycle.  In this video blog, I share information from one of the chapters in my book “Content Marketing for Lawyers: How Attorneys Can Use Powerful Social Media Strategies To Attract More Clients And Become A Legal Thought Leader” on […]

Smart Home Technology is The Way to Go

Frontier Smart Home Technology

Imagine a smart home where technology recognizes who is at the front door, sends alerts if someone has entered the house, turns on the lights, adjusts the temperature – all without being at home. With smart phones, apps and hi-speed wifi, we have the ability to benefit from what is now known as the Internet […]

Wake Up Women Entrepreneurs, There Is a New Opportunity For You!

Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network, 2016

Imagine being welcomed to the kick-off of a women’s entrepreneurial conference with a song indigenous to Africa that says “Wake up women, there is a new opportunity for you!” This is exactly how the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network summit in South Africa, known as DWEN, opened this past June. Spirited local musicians entered the room singing […]