Advice on How to Really Do Business with Fortune 500 Companies


I’m especially pleased to share this post about doing business with Fortune 500 companies and my winning strategy. The truth is it’s not easy to get contracts once you’re certified as a woman-owned (WBE) or minority-owned business (MBE). In fact, corporations prioritizing increasing the number of diverse suppliers in their supply chain don’t consider the […]

One Key Strategy to Financing a Business


A recent conversation about financing with one my of business advisors helped me think through how to finance our immediate growth strategies. Kathleen McGahran, my finance and accounting advisor who I met through the spectacular Tuck-WBENC Executive Program started by talking through our revenue sources. Our company, Ruiz Strategies, is a communications firm and our […]

Amazing Learning for Entrepreneurs at the Tuck-WBENC Executive Program at Dartmouth


Each morning during my mediation period recently I have gone over my list of affirmations and what I want for myself and my life, and that has included meeting and attracting key mentors to help me grow my business. I know that the right kinds of mentors can help guide me on what I don’t […]

Don’t Take Things Personally – Especially in Business Development


While talking to a group of women lawyers recently about business development strategies to grow your business, one accomplished and seasoned attorney asked me what she should do about a potential client who had not responded to her email. She was introduced to this person by a friend. At first the potential client seemed enthusiastic […]

How to Plan to Grow your Business by Selling to Big Companies – Part I


It’s a fact. There is a direct correlation between what you envision for your business and the growth trajectory of your company. Studies abound proving what you think manifests into reality – small or big. What you envision for you and your company affects the decisions you make and steers the direction of your company. […]