A Busy Life, Well Connected

Frontier High-Speed Internet Services

I often say I operate at two speeds – full throttle and catatonic. My “catatonia” sets in when I’ve been at full throttle too long and my body and mind shut down signaling time to rest, restore and rejuvenate. It’s not uncommon for me to be putting in 14+ hour days managing a fast growing […]

I Can No Longer Stay Silent. I’m With Her.

Michele Ruiz Supports Hillary Clinton

I can no longer stay silent. The unconscionable callousness of Donald Trump’s verbal attack on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the Muslim-American parents of an Army officer killed from a suicide bombing in Iraq has made my blood boil. To be clear, this is not about political leanings. I have been registered as an independent for […]

Digital Trends: Video on Demand Services

Having two children, one twenty years old and one 14, I’ve noticed a dramatic shift in content viewing. My children have lead the way in adopting video on demand (VOD) consumption in our household and now it seems that’s the only way we are watching programing. It’s convenient – the programing you want, when you […]

UPDATED: It’s Time to Get Rid of 51% Ownership Requirements for Women and Minority Business Owners

Why it’s time to get rid of 51% ownership requirements for woman and minority business owners blog post

Sometimes, well-intended programs to help socially and economically disadvantaged groups, such as women and minorities, need to be periodically evaluated to determine if the original goals are still being met.  The programs designed to help women and minority business owners grow their enterprises but require them to maintain 51% ownership and majority control fall into […]

10 Reasons Why I Decided to Publish a Book

Michele Ruiz at an Airport Writing Her Book

At a conference recently, I was asked if publishing my book, Content Marketing for Lawyers: How Attorneys Can Use Social Media to Attract More Clients and Become Legal Thought Leaders was worth it. My unequivocal answer was “yes”. It unquestionably was a smart decision to support my business growth objectives. My firm, Ruiz Strategies, a […]