3 Business Lessons from March Madness

With only four teams left in March Madness, it’s definitely going to be a sports weekend for me and friends! Especially with South Carolina making it to this final weekend of the NCAA tournament. I love a good underdog story. As Gamecocks star Sindarius Thornwell said, “I feel like our team is the most underrated team in the country. We’re going into the game thinking we can win. Why not? Why not us? And that’s our mindset.”

The Gamecocks highly improbable wins that got them to this point, remind me of some similarities to how we can overcome business challenges every day.

When you need to, reinvent.

After five losses in the final seven games and under significant pressure, the Gamecocks offense has been reinvented. Coach Frank Martin explained that is has been a matter of will. “When we weren’t good enough to win, [the team] never threw in the towel. They don’t run away from difficult times,” he said. In business, when it can often feel like you’re the underdog, and you’re not gaining traction, rather than give up, focus on finding a way to reinvent your business. If you do it thoughtfully, it can be the best business decision you ever make.

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Alan Armstrong once said, “Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it.” Consistently striving to perform at a higher level, and relentless focus on improvement is what makes a player great. And what a makes a business great. In our communications firm, continual improvement is inherent in our culture. We can’t afford to not be at the top of our game. It’s not only beneficial for our team members, but for our clients, and ultimately for our company growth.

Use pressure to prosper

As no doubt the Gamecocks know, you can either choke under high pressure or you can use it as a positive force to become sharper and better. Winning athletes know the secret is between their ears. A positive mental state in stressful situations can mean the difference between floundering or flying. Focusing on fear or failing, or overthinking a decision, can cause us to fail simply because that is how we’re using our mental energy. If instead you use your brain power to focus on self-confidence, being in control and success, the odds of getting through a stressful situation triumphantly are much improved. Entrepreneurs need the right mental focus to withstand the typical roller coaster ride of growing a prosperous company.

We can’t wait to watch the Gonzaga vs. South Carolina and North Carolina vs. Oregon games. In fact, for one of those we’ve already planned on how we’re going to watch the live streaming of it online, because no matter what, we’re not missing the excitement.

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